At DRC Drilling we know what works. After years in the industry, we know that to provide quality drilling solutions to our clients, you need not only the best people who take pride in what they do but also the best gear. Our investment in sourcing from worlds best suppliers means our customers get what they expect. Every time. Whether it is Boart Longyear or Sandvik drill rigs, Mercedes Benz support trucks or Atlas Copco compressors, we don’t compromise when choosing plant and equipment for your drilling program.

Not only do we have the drilling covered but our support equipment is just as important in ensuring the whole project is delivered smoothly. Komatsu Integrated Tool carriers, mobile camps/offices, Explorex caravans, Almet Masters rod sloops and Briteforce lighting towers all combine to create the complete package. This means you can focus on what you do best.

Our Fleet

Underground Rigs

DRC Drilling currently operates a fleet of Boart Longyear LM1300’s and LM700’s equipped with LM90 Power Packs. We also have a new LM110 drill unit fitted with the LM Drill Control Interface (DCi) for enhanced safety, hands-free making or breaking of joints and semi-autonomous drilling.

  • 9 x Boart Longyear LM90 – 700 Feed Frame
  • 4 x Boart Longyear LM90 – 1300 Feed Frame
  • 1 x Boart Longyear LM110 c/w DCi system

Surface Rigs

DRC Drilling’s surface drill fleet consists of late model Sandvik drill rigs supported by an extensive range of support and ancillary equipment.

  • 1 x Sandvik DE710 Coring Rig
  • 1 x Sandvik DE740 Coring Rig
  • 1 x Sandvik DE810 Coring Rig
  • 1 x Sandvik DE840 Multi Purpose Rig
  • 3 x Sandvik DE880 Multi Purpose Rig

Support Equipment

  • 8 x 8 and 8 x 4 Mercedes Benz support trucks
  • 1800cfm / 2400cfm to 1,000psi boosters
  • 1150cfm @ 350/500psi silenced compressors
  • 55kVa / 210kVa silenced generator sets
  • Gas-compliant mud systems c/w pumps, mud & cleaning systems
  • Lighting towers
  • Water pumps
  • Jack up rod sloops
  • Site offices & drill camps
  • 3 x IT Loaders