The Drill Control Interface (DCi) provides the driller with a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate underground drill rig and associated equipment. The DCi™ is a substantial step for increasing safety on-site by moving the driller away from moving parts and hydraulic hoses.

  • Increases productivity by allowing driller to operate rig and rod handler from a distance
  • Compatible with LM75 and LM90 – existing LM™ series drill rigs can be retrofitted
  • Features one-touch rod feed and pull functionality
  • Integrated system controls provide immediate feedback of drilling conditions
  • Data logging for easier report analysis


The system comprises four major components

Operator Control Panel

Stainless steel construction housed in a lightweight and portable aluminium frame. Control layout includes a 7” Colour Screen and has been designed to ensure easy operator transition from pilot hydraulic to electric controls. Dual joysticks allow both rig and the latest version LM Rod Handler to be operated from a single control console for added ease and efficiency.

Rig Upgrade Kit

A range of sensors control the automated functions and monitor all critical drilling parameters, returning this information back to the operator control panel for processing and retention.

DCI Hydraulics Module

A ‘bolt-on’ assembly containing all IO Modules and, hydraulic manifolds. Can be easily regressed to the original pilot hydraulic control console functionality if required.

Perimeter Laser Protection

Auto shutdown when security laser is breached, keeping workers safe from drilling operation hazards.


The DCi features can be grouped in three key categories;


  • Fully electronic user interface
  • Lightweight control panel for increased mobility
  • No hydraulic hoses at drill control panel – clean and uncluttered work area
  • Combined control system fully compliant with latest requirement of ISO13849-1, PLd. Sil2
  • Controlled auto shutdowns
  • Shutdowns while drilling in unattended mode if pre-set parameters are exceeded
  • Shutdowns at end of 3m unattended drill runs


Unattended 3m drilling function:

  • 3m drill run is completed (including re-chucking and end of cycle hole flushing) once the ‘Auto’ button has been pressed.
  • Frees driller up to perform other tasks
  • Allows drilling continuation during shift changeovers and meal breaks
  • Drilling continues as long as the above parameters remain within their predetermined ranges
  • Shift supervisors can select parameters for less experienced drill crews
  • Drilling stops if any of the above parameters moves outside of its range
  • Automatic 3m rod feed/pull function:
  • Automatic feeding or pulling of 3m rod
  • Automatic thread making or braking
  • Automatic positioning of the carriage/rotation unit at the end of the cycle
  • Allows operation of rod handler while auto rod running continues
  • Semi-automated, hands-free Wireline descent/retrieve function
  • Easy operator transition for existing LM users
  • Easy ‘bolt-on’ addition to existing LM platforms


Additional instrumentation display on:

  • Water flow
  • Rotation RPM
  • Bit rate
  • Bit weight
  • Head Position
  • Penetration rate
  • Control System Diagnostics – self reporting on rig operational equipment
  • Early detection and reporting of operational errors and faults
  • Data Logging