The LM™110 is the newest addition to the LM range of underground drills and is designed for drilling even deeper holes, more productively. Powered by a new 110kW power pack, the LM110 offers the greatest depth capacity and functionality.

  • The new 110kW power pack delivers up to 33% more torque to the drill head than our LM90s, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Our LM110 is a modular drill rig fitted with the following options:
  • Rod handler for driller’s safety. The rod handler makes loading rods easier on drillers and ensures they remain away from moving parts during rod tripping.
  • The LM110 features a load sensing hydraulic system, proportional controls, a fail-safe rod clamp, built in troubleshooting and a spooling device.
  • Drill Control Interface (DCi) is a new control system designed to increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of the LM110 through a range of automated features, including unattended 3m drilling and semi-automated rod feed and pull functions.


Drill Depth Guidelines

Drill Rod/Core Barrel Hole Depth
Up Horizontal Down
BRQ 1417 1500 1500
NRQ 972 1262 1500
HRQ 595 648 1036

Note: Depth capacity includes allowance for force required to break core using 10 MPa rock strength.