The LM™90 is the mainstay of Boart Longyear’s underground diamond coring rigs and is suited for drilling deep holes.

Equipped with a 130kN feed frame, this drill provides high pullback force as well as a relatively quick rod-handling rate. The feed cylinder is reversible for increased up-hole drilling capacity.

The rig is modular in design with a number of options which make it easier to tailor to specific needs and to upgrade when requirements change. With the assistance of a positioner and a turntable the drill is capable of drilling holes in all angles from vertically up to vertically down. The drill uses an electric motor to power the hydraulics on the machine. The drill can be paired with an optional rod handler which reduces operator fatigue and can improve safety and productivity.

Drill Depth Guidelines

Drill Rod/Core Barrel Hole Depth
Up Horizontal Down
ARQTK* 1000 2000 3200
BQ 605 1200 1850
NQ 400 930 1400
HQ 230 550 800

Note: Depth capacity includes allowance for force required to break core using 10 MPa rock strength.

“*” ARQTK capacity shown for comparison purposes only. It is not recommended drilling practice to drill over 1500m ARQTK depth